Panic open string

Panic open string, power grids blackout
Birds all fly in numbers down to the ground
Reassure the blades of green, green grass
Wind is gearing up for a reckless ride
Leaning accidental on nature's side

Propeller power fields, solar panel sides
Lightning bolts connect, it's with you I will go
I close my eyes and the seasons pass

Above the cityscape, the city out of reach
Far below the green

My dreams are all blue, so is my heart
Light up screens of you, if you could only see
Time's dreams escape, late into the night

When the stars align reminds me of you
Words will lose their fear
And I will find their truth
Church bells in the hills they will ring and ring

Ocean's to the coast will cling to their host
The sun will split in two , sink thru an empty sky

It's where we'll go when we
Leave this place and die

. Calexico - Garden Ruins

J’ai offert l’album à M.
Il doit écouter 5x avant d’émettre un avis :-))
J’espère qu’il va aimer
Cette chanson-ci m’émeut terriblement et me donne des frissons partout

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Sacrée ;-) Une chanson qui m'émeut, en ce moment, surtout apres la disparation la semaine derniere de Syd BARRETT, c'est evidemment "Shine on you, crazy diamond" du groupe qu'on ne présente plus.



Écrit par : Eric | 16/07/2006

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